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Every few months we’ll brining you limited edition capsule collections. These are actually limited, as in, when they’re gone…they’re gone!



This collection is perfect for the history lover who kicks arse on the side. Whether that’s nailing it at the gym, getting dinner cooked and looking after the kids, bossing it at work or taking to streets and protesting all the fuckery that’s happening in the world right now *cough* Trump *cough*



Crop teeThis is probably my favourite item in the whole collection. A super soft slogan crop tee – the dream! Personally I’ll be rocking this all summer, ideally by flashing a bit of tum with a high waist skater skirt and some converse.


Porcelian MugI’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Tea tastes better out of a porcelain mug! Seriously, this has been tested, and it is an absolute game changer. That’s why F Yeah History’s placard style slogan mug is made from porcelain, because my lips only touch the best.


ToteWho doesn’t love a good tote? This one is super strong (so can carry all the books!) but because it’s lightweight cotton, can easily be scrunched up to fit in the bottom of your bag, so it’s perfect for picking up last minute shopping on your way home from work.


compactIt’s no secret that over here at F Yeah History we fricking love a bit of makeup, from that time Natasha tried out historical lipsticks, to Sara’s social media basically just being about her quest to see how much glitter one woman can apply to her face.

So we know the importance of a good mirror (sometimes a phone camera does not cut it!) this one has a snap opening, so you won’t have any surprises, along with two mirrors on the inside. Plus the slogan print means you can make a statement even when not wearing a bold lip! c

TEE, £15

Grey teeMade from 100% cotton, this tee is all kinds of comfy. It comes in white or light grey, plus has these gorgeous rolled sleeves.

It’s got a bit of slouch to it, so would look great with jeans or tucked in. Plus it’s long line, meaning you can wear it tons of ways, half tucked, tied, etc and it works if you’re super short or really tall. Grey tee


Shipping: We’ve tried to keep shipping low at £2.75

Do you ship worldwide? Everything is made in the UK, so if you buy from outside of the UK you may need to pay more for shipping. We are also starting to work with a US company as well, so if you you’re based in America email us and we can look into getting an order made in the states for you.

What sizes are there: Sizes are Small, Medium and Large. Both shirts have a bit of give to them, so I’d say if you’re (UK sizes) 6-10 get a small, 12-16 get a medium and 16-20 get a large. I’m afraid we currently do not stock larger than a large, but we are looking into this! We want our stuff accessible to EVERYONE!

Where does the money go? To F Yeah History! We don’t earn any money from F Yeah, so this will massively help with running the website, buying books for research and getting equipment to expand.

If you have any questions about the collection, hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Email.

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