An Important Update!

Hey guys!

Hope you’re good; it’s been a while since we properly caught up (in between all the getting over excited about history) and, well, things at F Yeah History HQ have been A LOT (to put it mildly) so we figured a catch up was in order.

First things first: one half of F Yeah History is pretty ill.

The wonderful Sara Westropthe lady behind, among many others things, all our amazing queer history stuff – recently found out that her Ejection Fraction (which is a science-ey term for how well your heart pumps blood round your body) has dropped to 30%.

Essentially this means that her heart function has turned to shit (for reference you want your heart to be functioning at roughly 60%-70% ejection fraction) and she is now in a state of chronic heart failure.

Yeah. Less than ideal. (Pretty big understatement..)

Sara: Queen of taking stupidly extra selfies at train stations (naturally)

So yup, it’s all really scary, but if anyone can take this on; it’s our girl (seriously of all the people I wouldn’t want to take in a fight, it’s Sara)

Still, Sara won’t be able to do as much as she used to, because you know… heart failure.

So what does this mean for you?

Well it means that, for the next couple of weeks, we might sometimes have 1 article a week rather than 2 (don’t worry, that article will STILL be full of history, shit jokes and an overuse of gifs)

It also means that we’ll be pushing back our plans to release an F Yeah History podcast, so instead of having it for this summer, it will be an amazing listen to get you through the winter!

Put simply: there will still be lots going on, but things might be a tiny bit ad-hoc for the next month or so, whilst we work ourselves out and settle into a new equilibrium. We hope you understand.

So that’s the update, the only thing left to do is to say…


Oh and you best believe its a BIG BLOODY THANK YOU! As you may have guessed (and we’ve already said…) things have been supremely shit and scary recently, but the things that has kept us both going is this, the F Yeah History family.

Yup, we’re going full on ooey gooey feelings here: hand on heart, we couldn’t ask to be part of our better community. Thank you to everyone that reads us, shares us, comments, and generally hangs out with us on the social. And thanks to everyone that reached out over the past few days; you’re all AMAZING.

Also, as an FYI, we’ve set up a GoFundMe to help make Sara’s bathroom less lethal (seriously over her fainting in the shower at this point!) it’s live HERE. So far we’ve raised just over £500, which has made a HUGE difference and allowed Sara to buy stuff like support rails and slip mats, which all means that means she can make her bathroom accessible, safe and usable whilst she recovers.

Again, a mammoth thanks to everyone that has donated and/or shared the page, you’ve made a big difference and shone a lot of light into the dark. 

You can also catch up on Sara’s heart failure journey, on her aptly named blog, Tales from My Crap Heart! 

So that’s it, we are fully updated!

Thank you guys so much for your time. As always you can follow us on the Twitters or the Facebooks. Look forward to seeing you guys real soon and we promise we’ll be back on form ASAP:

And of course by back on form we mean dicking about, drinking slightly too much and telling really, really, really bad history jokes.

Tasha and Sara xxx

2 thoughts on “An Important Update!

  1. Bloody hell, hope you are getting the medical attention that you need! Lots of good wishes from me (sadly not enough money in my life to help out with the gofundme).


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